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Voters can register at the City Clerk’s office prior to the election date** or at the polling place on Election Day. Voters should bring their Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID card when registering. If the information on your license does not list your current address, additional documentation with the current address will be needed to establish residency. A voter must have lived at their residence for at least 10 consecutive days prior to registering.

Remember, you must update your voter registration if you are new to the city, have changed residences within the city or if you had a legal name change.

Please contact the City Clerk’s office for your polling location, which corresponds with your address.

Federal law now requires voters who have been issued a driver’s license to use the number from that number for the registration process.  In the new WisVOTE system, the driver’s license number used on the voter registration form will be cross-checked with Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) records to make sure that the person listed with that number is the same person who registered to vote.

Voters who register or re-register in their clerk’s office, by mail, or at the polling place on Election Day will be asked to list their driver’s license or state ID number on the registration form.  Local election officials do not have to see the driver’s license or check it, but will require any voter with a Wisconsin license or ID to use the license number to register.  (However, to use a driver’s license to prove a voter’s residence, a poll worker must see the license.)

For voters who do not have a driver’s license, the number from a state DOT-issued ID card may be used. Only if the voter has neither a Wisconsin DL or state ID can the last four digits of their Social Security number be used to fulfill the federal requirement.  People who use false identification numbers to register to vote can be prosecuted for voter fraud.

Voters with questions about Wisconsin voter registration and use of drivers license numbers should contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission Help desk at toll-free at (866) VOTEWIS
(866-868-3947), or by email at:
website at:

**NOTE: Voter registration deadline in the Clerk’s office is the Friday before an election. There is NO voter registration on the Monday before an election.