Street Department – Additional Information

Animal Traps: The Street Department has available Live animal Cage Traps for residents. These traps can be used to trap wild and domestic animals that have intruded into your house, garage or sheds. They may be used for domestic animals in your yard. The trapping of wild animals is regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and they should be contacted with the particulars before attempting to trap wild animals. The traps are available at the Street Department by placing a refundable deposit to insure the return of the trap in a clean and working order within 30 days. Small Traps for chipmunks, weasels etc. $30.00 Medium Traps for Skunks, rabbits, squirrels etc. $40.00 Large Traps for raccoons, opossum, woodchucks, cats, dogs, etc. $50.00

Weed Complaints: Refer all weed complaints to the Street Department. The term “Noxious weeds as used herein shall include the following: Canada thistle, leafy spurge and field bindweed (creeping Jenny) and any other such weeds as shall be determined by ordinance or resolution to be noxious. Every person shall destroy all noxious weeds on all lands which he shall own, occupy or control including the parkway upon which lands abut.  The term “destroy” means the complete killing of weeds or killing of weed plants above the surface by the use of chemicals or cutting at such time and in such manner as will effectually prevent such plants from maturing to the bloom or flower stage.  The Mayor shall annually, on or before May 15, publish a Class II notice under Chapter 985, Wisconsin Statutes, that every person is required by law to destroy all noxious weeds as defined herein on lands in the City which he owns, occupies or controls, including parkways upon which lands abut.