Street Department Information

The Street Department and Stores and Equipment under the direction of the Street Superintendent consists of one assistant superintendent, twenty equipment operators, three mechanics and one clerk. Refuse collection, street repairs, snow and ice removal are its primary responsibilities. Other duties include maintenance and erection of traffic signals and signs, emergency barricading, maintenance of city owned property and miscellaneous public works duties.

Street name signs, traffic control signs and symbols, and vehicle decals are computer designed and assembled in the Departments Utility Shop with the latest state of the art equipment and materials to insure the longest life and safest road conditions. Street striping and parking lot marking are performed annually. The Department also designs and assembles signs for other City Departments.

During the growing season, the Department cuts and maintains grass areas on City owned property such as parks, traffic islands, parking lots and drainage ditches. The Department also administers a weed control program where noxious weeds are cut and billed back to the property owner.

The Department Street sweepers start in the spring of the year and continue to sweep into the fall of the year incorporating leave collection. Street sweepings account for over 350 ton of debris per year. Leave collection starts October 1 and continues up until November 30, weather permitting. During that period, the Department collects and hauls to composting piles 3,400 cubic yards of leaves which equates to well over 800 tons.

The Department collects 6,700 tons of garbage yearly from weekly curb side collections.

The Department responded to 3,380 special pick up requests for rubbish and brush collection that amounted to 500 tons of rubbish and 718 tons of brush which was chipped and sent to compost piles.

The Department also operates a self deposit station at 1106 Blake Avenue which collects rubbish, yard waste, concrete, stone, brick and other assorted materials which residents can dispose of at their convenience. The station collected 10,000 gallons of drain oil, 176 tons of scrap metal, 6 tons of batteries, 15 tons of tires, 400 tons of yard waste and 1,700 cubic yards of concrete and dirt.

The Street Department conducts an average of 30 salting operations during an average winter season. Snowfalls which require plowing average six times during the winter and range from light and fluffy, to heavy and wet snow.

The Stores and Equipment Department is responsible for the maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment used by the Street, Police, Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility. Three mechanics are responsible for all repairs, maintenance and servicing of the equipment. They currently service 77 motor vehicles ranging from cars up to garbage trucks, 6 pieces of off road construction equipment and numerous small and specialty items. Stores and Equipment performs the purchasing for the Street Department and maintenance supplies for all vehicles as well as fuel and oil. The clerk is responsible for purchasing, pricing, employee records, vehicle maintenance records, requests for service and incoming complaints.