A child’s healthy early development depends on the health and well being of his/her parents.  This focus area considers current parents and future parents.  The goals problem solving skills, encompass nurturing attachment, child development, and support.  Click below to see how we are doing!

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Positive Parenting Focus Group 3 strategies

Parents were asked to participate in a survey 3/16/2013 at Developmental Days at Lakeview.  44 surveys were completed.  In 50% of surveys, the cause of the parent’s stress was the child’s behavior, yet responses indicated that parents were knowledgable about child development and were able to cope with their child’s emotions well.  Through the results (you can click below), favored workshops identified include: Child friendly meal and snacks / Parenting tips / How to get a child to behave / Coping with emotions.

Positive Parenting Survey Results 2 to 4 years

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