Mayor’s Message – 2019 – 2022 Draft Strategic Plan

Dear Neighbors,

Have a plan, work the plan.

Have a plan: Bring stakeholders together to determine your vision for the future, and what it will take to achieve that vision. Work the plan: Bring to life the goals and objectives that make up your plan, delivering on the collective vision for a more promising future.

We are doing it with our 2035 Comprehensive and Downtown Plan, and we will do it with the Oak Creek Watershed restoration plan. Now, I’m proud to say we’re employing this strategy in city government with our first strategic plan in decades.

After months of discussions with the common council and our department heads and employees – including a full-day planning retreat last fall – we consider this our mission and vision …

  • Our mission: Our mission is to deliver exceptional city services to ensure a high quality of life and enable growth.
  • Our vision: Our vision is to be the desirable South Shore community where people want to live, work, visit, and invest.


And here is how we will get there — the five priorities where we feel we need to spend our time, and taxpayer money, as your city government …

  • Accelerate Economic Development
  • Strategically Invest, Improve, and Maintain Public Infrastructure/Facilities
  • Enhance the Effectiveness of External Processes
  • Enhance the Effectiveness of Internal Processes
  • Provide a Safe, Secure, and Healthy Community


You can see the draft plan here, or by stopping in to the administration office at City Hall. We welcome your feedback. Did we get it right? Let us know. For feedback on our draft strategic plan, please complete our feedback form.

We will emerge from this process with a shared vision for city government, and then use the plan as a foundation for our employees, upon which they will build their own goals and objectives, making it part of a performance culture at the city.

Will this be perfect? No. Will we have to regularly refine our plan to adapt to changing realities and city needs? Absolutely. But as novelist Andy Weir says: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” I hope you agree this is a really good plan, one long overdue.


Erik Brooks
City of South Milwaukee

Mayor’s Message – Supporting the Community: Bucyrus Foundation Offers $25,000 in Grants to South Milwaukee Organizations

Bucyrus continues to leave a legacy in South Milwaukee, supporting the organizations that make our city so special and help so many people.

The Bucyrus Foundation has announced a new $25,000 grant program aimed at supporting South Milwaukee-based nonprofit organizations and institutions.

The city will administer the grants, partnering with the Bucyrus Foundation and its board (including former CEO Tim Sullivan), as well as the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, to choose recipients. Grants will be for up to $5,000 each.

While funds can be used for general operations, applicants are encouraged to use the grant money to drive new or early-stage projects or programs. Funding can also be used toward capital projects. Recipients should improve the quality of life of residents in the city, or help attract new visitors, residents or businesses to South Milwaukee.

Applicants can apply here.

Applications must be received by July 19, 2019. Funds will be disbursed in September.