The City Treasurer’s office is responsible for the receipting and recording of all monies due to the city. The city’s accounts are monitored daily and surplus funds are invested. The Treasurer’s office oversees the city’s bank accounts. Various accounting duties are performed by this office. Tax bills are printed by the Treasurer’s office. Property taxes are collected from December through July and the pro-rata share of taxes due to the State of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, MATC, and the School District of South Milwaukee is calculated and processed by the Treasurer’s office pursuant to state statutes.

The Treasurer’s office also collects water and sewer bills, maintains and collects Special Assessments, issues dog and cat licenses, collects ambulance invoices and follows-up on past due accounts.


1897           William Grobschmidt
1898-1899  Jacob Krueck
1900-1906  M. M. Heidgen
1906-1912  B. J. Caveney
1912-1920  D. A. Fowle
1920-1924  M. Breismeister
1924-1928  M. Costigan
1928-1930  M. Costigan/Elmer Welbes
1930-1960  Elmer Welbes
1960-1990  Ferdinand M. Brutvan
1990-2000  Kathleen Coulthurst
2000-Present  Karen Skowronski