Fall Leaf Collection

Autumn in South Milwaukee yields a lot of fallen leaves in residents yards.

South Milwaukee residents may begin to place leaves at the curb from October 1st through November 15th.
This service is for leaves only.  No yard waste, plants, grass, branches, or garden waste will be collected.  This material needs to be disposed of properly at the Self Deposit Station (SDS).
– The leaf collection crew will collect piles of leaves one street at a time in an orderly fashion.
– Residents who wish to dispose of their leaves directly at the Self Deposit Station will have their daily user fee of $3.00 waived from October 1st through November 15th.  Fee is waived for leaves only.
(No yard waste)
– Please do not add any leaf piles at the curb after November 15th, as the City may not be able to collect after this date.
– Leaf collection is weather dependent.  Should snow fall before leaf season is over, city trucks will need to be outfitted with snow removal equipment.
– Remaining piles will need to be bagged and taken to the Self Deposit Station.
– Reminder: Burning leaves is prohibited by local ordinance.
– Residents are encouraged to recycle fall leaves as much as possible.

  • Please do not place pumpkins in the road.  Pumpkins can be bagged and placed in your garbage.  Another option is that pumpkins can be composted or broken into pieces and placed in your garden/yard for the animals.  Only leaves from trees are allowed in the curb.