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Sample Ballot – 2020 Partisan Primary • August 11, 2020

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Election Results – April 7, 2020
Election Results – February 18, 2020
Election Results – April 2, 2019
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For comprehensive election information, click below for MyVote Wisconsin

Election Workers Wanted

The City of South Milwaukee is looking for hardworking citizens that have a dedication to democracy and protecting voter rights to work at the polls.

Individuals who are interested in training to work as Election Inspectors at the polls for 2020 elections.  Election Inspectors assist electors with voting and voter registration at the polls on election days.  Basic Election officials earn $9.25 per hour and are required to attend training prior to working at the polls.

Download application here


Absentee Voting

Anyone planning on being out of town or unable to make it to the polling place on election day can cast an absentee ballot in the Clerk’s office, or request a ballot in writing up until the Thursday before an election.     More Information

Voter Registration

Registration is required for new city residents, address changes within the city or name changes. Voters may register at the City Clerk’s office prior to the election date, at the polling place on Election Day or online at MyVote.     More Information

Voting District Map

To see which district you live in, click here:  City Map

Districts 2 and 4:  Please note that your polling locations have changed. For information, please see below and click here.
Polling Places

District 1 (Wards 1-4)
Divine Mercy School, 695 College Avenue

District 2 (Wards 5-8)
Divine Mercy Gathering Room, 800 Marquette Avenue

District 3 (Wards 9-12)
City Administration Building, 2424 15th Avenue

District 4 (Wards 13-16)
Grobschmidt Senior Center, 2424 15th Avenue

Election Day voting hours are 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. Photo ID is required to vote.