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Standing Committees of the Common Council 

Common Council for 2018-2021

Standing left to right – Alderperson Craig Maass, Alderperson Peggy Clark,  Alderperson R. Patrick Stoner, Alderperson Joe Bukowski, Alderperson Lisa Pieper, and Alderperson Brett Briesemeister
Seated left to right –  Alderperson Ramon Navarro, Mayor Erik Brooks, Alderperson David Bartoshevich and Judge Bill Fenger
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Elected officials for 2017-2020

Mayor Erik Brooks (414) 768-8049

Municipal Judge Bill Fenger (414) 762-2222

First District Alderpersons:

Craig Maass
(414) 762-5941

Brett Briesemeister
(414) 759-6163

Second District Alderpersons:

Ramon Navarro
(414) 762-6841

R. Patrick Stoner
(414) 764-6519

Third District Alderpersons:

Lisa Pieper
(414) 762-0877

Joe Bukowski
(414) 301-9966

Fourth District Alderpersons:

David Bartoshevich
(414) 764-2836

Peggy Clark 
(414) 571-9954