Address: 2424 15th Avenue
Phone: 414-762-2222
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

City Clerk • Karen Kastenson  (414) 768-7499
Deputy City Clerk • Karen Stritchko (414) 762-2222 x126

Candidates for municipal offices can find additional information on required election forms for filing for office here.

Anyone who needs to register to vote can do so at the City Clerk’s office prior to any election date, or you may register at your polling location on the day of the election with proper identification showing that you have resided in the election district for at least 10 days prior to the election.

Anyone planning on being out of town on an election date may make prior arrangements with the City Clerk’s office to receive an Absentee Ballot.

For more Election Information, click here.

Please visit MyVote Wisconsin or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 414-762-2222 for all voting information including the location of your assigned polling place. or click here for a  City Map

The Board of Review system was established by the Wisconsin Statutes to give taxpayers a method of appealing their property assessments. Read more

The City Clerk’s Office is staffed by the city clerk, the deputy city clerk, one full-time clerk, and two part-time clerks.  The Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining all official records of the city, receiving applications for and issuing licenses and various permits, administration of elections and voter registration.  Financial administration, including payroll, budget preparation, preparation of purchase requisitions and payment of bills received are performed by the city clerk in his/her capacity as city comptroller.

South Milwaukee City Clerk
1897-1898       D.J. Sweeney
1899-1900       George C. Bush
1900-1906       Joseph Saxler
1906-1912       W. O’Neill
1912-1918       J. O’Connell
1918-1924       J. Kozlowski
1924-1926       R.J. Schauer
1926-1946       H. Daehling
1946-1976       Louis J. Mosakowski
1976-1982       Margaret Nowicki
1982-2004       Jacqueline Johnson
2004-2010       Kathleen Lisowski
2010-2019       James Shelenske
2019-Present  Karen Kastenson