South Milwaukee City Attorney

City Attorney – Office Phone: 414 529-8900


Representing city government, including boards and commissions, is the primary responsibility of the city attorney.  Drafting municipal ordinances and resolutions for consideration by the common council and its various committees, are integral parts of the function of this office.

The city attorney advises and renders legal opinions on specific issues to ensure that actions taken by elected officials, city departments and boards and commissions, will not conflict with applicable laws and administrative rules.

Other duties include representation of the city in the South Milwaukee Municipal Court and in all other legal actions to which the city is a party, whether in a state or federal court – consummating real estate transactions in which the city has an interest – providing assistance in negotiations and administering labor agreements between the city and employee groups, reviewing municipal contracts and official notices for compliance with legal requirements and acting as a legislative representative for the city before other governmental bodies such as the County Board and State Legislature.



South Milwaukee Municipal Court  (Located in the Police Department)
2424 15th Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Court Clerk Phone: 414-762-2222 x170
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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South Milwaukee City Attorneys
1901 – 1922  W. J. Riley
1922 – 1930  Cy Thieme
1930 – 1932  C. J. O’Brien
1932 – 1934  Cy Thieme
1934 – 1938  C. J. O’Brien
1938 – 1942  J. T. McCarrier
1942 – 1944  J. T. McCarrier/M. Dockery
1944 – 1946  M. Dockery
1946 – 1950  R. E. Mullins
1950 – 1952  Clarence O’Brien
1952 – 1964  Richard P. Rouse
1964 – 1972  Francis W. Cathlina
1972 – 1976  Kenneth Bukowski
1976 – 1982  Francis W. Cathlina
1982 – 2016  Joseph Murphy
2016 – Present Christopher Smith