Sharps and Medication Disposal Program

Sharps Disposal 

Sharps that are not disposed of correctly pose a risk to the community. The Wisconsin law states it is illegal to place sharps (such as needles or lancets) in the trash or with recyclables. Used sharps can stick workers who handle waste disposal. If trash containers are blown over or bags rip apart, children, adults, and pets are also at risk of being stuck. 

The South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department offers assistance with proper disposal of sharps through the sharps disposal program to residents. Used needles, syringes, and lancets in an approved red biohazard sharps container are accepted for a fee. Current disposal fees are $5.00/1.5 qt. and $7.00/2 gal.  As a reminder, payment can be by cash or check. 

Red biohazard sharps containers are available for purchase as well. Current purchase fees are $2.75/1.5 qt. and $5.00/2 gal.

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Medication Disposal

Unused or expired medicine should never be flushed in the toilet or poured down the drain (Wisconsin Department of Justice). Removing potentially dangerous pharmaceutical substances from medicine cabinets helps to prevent them from going into our water supply.  Unused prescription medications in homes creates health and safety concern, because they can be accidentally ingested, stolen, misused, and abused.  

The South Milwaukee Police Department offers medication disposal for residents of both communities. There is no need to speak to anyone, so medication may be dropped in the collection box any day of the week, 24 hours/day. Please empty the medication into a plastic bag before placing in the collection box.

Accepted MedicationNot Accepted Medication
Prescription medication Illegal drugs
Over the counter medicationNeedles/sharps
Ointments or creams Bio-hazardous material
SpraysPersonal care products (shampoo, lotion)
InhalersHousehold hazards (paint, pesticides, oil, gas)
Pet MedicationMisc. medical supplies 

Medication Safety

According to Locks Save Lives, the #1 reason youth misuse prescription drugs is ease of access. The South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department has medication lock boxes available for free while supplies last. 


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