Phase 1 · Project Awarded:
J&A Pohl, Inc.

Phase II • Project Awarded: 
EK Construction, LLC

Contact Information:
Kyle Vandercar, P.E.
City Engineer

414-762-2222, ext. 136 

Alternative Downtown Parking Locations:

Alternative Downtown Parking – Visual Map

  • 12th Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue
  • 11th Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue
  • 11th Avenue and Madison Avenue
  • 10th Avenue and Madison Avenue (Behind TriCity National Bank)
  • South Milwaukee Public Library parking lot 

Project Updates: 

  • May 14th – Starting Friday, May 15th,  EK Construction, LLC will be beginning Phase II of the Milwaukee Avenue Improvement (9th to 13th) project.  Phase II will include replacement of concrete from back of curb to buildings.  Work is expected to take approximately 2 to 3 months to complete.  Read more here.  
  • April 23rd – Starting Friday, April 24th, Milwaukee Avenue (11th to 13th Avenues) will be posted NO PARKING and there will be no parking on either side of the street for pavement repair operations beginning on Saturday, April 25th.  Work is expected to take approximately 3 weeks with the required phases of construction. Read more here.
  • April 6th – Starting April 10th, Milwaukee Avenue will be closed and fully barricaded to traffic from the west side of 10th to the east side of 11th. The sidewalk will remain open. Traffic will be detoured to 11th and Madison. Construction will take 10-14 days, depending on weather or unforeseen circumstances. Read more here.


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Project Information

The City of South Milwaukee is moving ahead with a streetscaping project to enhance the look and feel of Milwaukee Avenue.  The work will transform our Main Street, with new sidewalks, street lighting, planters, bike racks, trees, traffic signals, benches, and other decorative features.  There will also be a limited amount of street repair, and the addition of bicycle lanes to create a spur of the Oak Leaf Trail through downtown.

Phase 1:

  • Removal of existing banner poles and footings.
  • WE Energies removal of existing lighting and installation of new conduit and lighting.
  • Install storm sewer and inlets at 9th & Milwaukee intersection.
  • Remove and replace area of designated curb and gutter, and install curb for new curb ramps, new curb on west side of 9th, south of Milwaukee Avenue. (Angle parking removed.)
  • Remove and replace areas of designated curb and concrete pavement.  Install new curb ramps at specified  intersections.
  • Install temporary traffic signals at 10th and Milwaukee intersection, remove existing traffic signal and install new equipment.
  • Modification of traffic signals at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue to 13th Avenue to remove and install new signal heads and poles (to replace banner poles).
  • Install pavement markings for new signals and crosswalks, and bike lane on each side.


Phase 2:
Phase 2 in 2020 will include:

  • Sidewalk and concrete replacement between back of curb and buildings with 4 ft. wide terrace area (2′ x 2′) picture frame concrete and 16″ paver band at street trees.
  • Structural soil, non-pressurized irrigation system (fill pipe), and street trees installed.
  • Install streetscaping amenities (planters, benches, bike racks)