To prevent, educate and bring awareness to the effects of substance abuse and addiction,
and to support those affected by it.

A community free of substance abuse, addiction and the harms associated with it.











The Coalition’s 2nd Annual Addiction Information Resource Fair was held Monday, January 22nd.  Thanks to all who attended!  And many thanks to the various agencies, treatment centers, and Coalitions, along with South Milwaukee Police Department and the Fire Department who provided information and resources to attendees.  Most of all, we would like to thank the speakers, panelists and the AIDS Resource Center for their presentations and trainings.  We also heard a very heartfelt and powerful personal experience from a resident of South Milwaukee who shared her family’s struggles, and their journey impacted by addiction.  THANK YOU!!

Our evening  began with a presentation explaining “ACEs” (Adverse Childhood Experiences).  This is an important topic in understanding how the effects of addiction can impact the lives of children in the family of an addict.  It also explains the science behind the effects of toxic stress on a child’s brain that can increase risks that the child could suffer chronic disease, substance use disorder, or other poor health outcomes.  More information and videos (including the TED talk video that was shown) about ACEs can be found HERE as well.

Our evening presenters’ information may be found here.

Resource tables included:

Roger’s Memorial Hospital
Cornerstone Counseling
Aurora Dewey Center
10th Street Clinic
Beyond Addiction
Volition Franklin
Milwaukee County Behavioral Health
Clean Slate
Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
South Milwaukee Fire Department
South Milwaukee Police Department

Thanks again to all who attended and participated!





The Coalition was formed in fall of 2016.  The most important strategy identified was to increase awareness of the issue of prescription drug abuse and overdose.  Work and planning began to develop a presentation with the purpose of providing information and resources addressing ADDICTION and TREATMENT.  To spread interest about the issue, Human Concerns, the SM Library, and First Congregational Church hosted viewings for the community of the documentary, CHASING THE DRAGON in January, 2017 (St. Luke’s UCC hosted an additional viewing in March).  The ADDICTION INFORMATION and RESOURCE FAIR was held the following week, to coincide with Light and Unite Red, the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health’s event to bring awareness of drug abuse and ADDICTION.  The evening consisted of presentations from Dr. Michael McNett, Medical Director for Chronic Pain and a member of the WI Medical Society Opioid Subcommittee (You may access his powerpoint presentation here.), the South Milwaukee Police Department, and, as a result of outreach by the coalition, a recovering South Milwaukee alumni was courageous and generous with his time to share his journey through addiction and recovery.  The Coalition is planning future events and welcome your suggestions, comments or requests.  Please email us at: smhealthdepartment@gmail.com

If you are interested in viewing Chasing the Dragon, you may watch the youtube video of it here.

The event in January also included resources vendors.  They are linked below.  Also listed to the right are the written resource materials that the Coalition put together to provide to attendees,