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The Coalition’s 2nd Annual Addiction Information Resource Fair was held Monday, January 22nd.  Thanks to all who attended!  And many thanks to the various agencies, treatment centers, and Coalitions, along with South Milwaukee Police Department and the Fire Department who provided information and resources to attendees.  Most of all, we would like to thank the speakers, panelists and the AIDS Resource Center for their presentations and trainings.  We also heard a very heartfelt and powerful personal experience from a resident of South Milwaukee who shared her family’s struggles, and their journey impacted by addiction.  THANK YOU!!

Our evening  began with a presentation explaining “ACEs” (Adverse Childhood Experiences).  This is an important topic in understanding how the effects of addiction can impact the lives of children in the family of an addict.  It also explains the science behind the effects of toxic stress on a child’s brain that can increase risks that the child could suffer chronic disease, substance use disorder, or other poor health outcomes.  More information and videos (including the TED talk video that was shown) about ACEs can be found HERE as well.

Our evening presenters’ information may be found here.

Resource tables included:

Roger’s Memorial Hospital
Cornerstone Counseling
Aurora Dewey Center
10th Street Clinic
Beyond Addiction
Volition Franklin
Milwaukee County Behavioral Health
Clean Slate
Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
South Milwaukee Fire Department
South Milwaukee Police Department

Thanks again to all who attended and participated!









Help us take 1 Billion Steps!
Challenge FAQs

Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve your health — and it’s more fun if we do it together. That’s why South Milwaukee Health Department is asking residents of, and employees working in, South Milwaukee to participate in American Public Health Association’s 1 Billion Steps Challenge. We’ve created a team called South Milwaukee Striders.

Join today!

CHALLENGE START January 1, 2018 (or as soon as you sign up)

CHALLENGE END April 8, 2018

When you join you can synch your step counting device or enter steps manually if you don’t have a device. Then you’ll be able to track how many steps you take, see total steps for our team and the collective progress of all teams toward the goal of 1 Billion steps. So sign up (and sync your device if you have one), join our team and let’s get walking TODAY! We’ll have a lot of fun, improve our heath, and walk more than any other team!


 Check out the city map to locate a route in your neighborhood!
Routes attempt to follow sidewalks as much as possible.
Southwest Double Loop – 2.26 mi. (1)
Northwest Block Loop – 2.2 mi. (2)
Northeast Block Loop – 1.86 mi. (3)
Grant Park Hike – 4.54 mi. (4)
Oak Leaf via 15th Avenue – 2.27 mi. (5)
Southeast Lakeview Loop – 1.96 mi. (6)
Hills Challenge Loop – 1.81 mi. (7)
Central Downtown and Library Loop – 2.35 mi. (8)

More hiking options in Grant Park and other County Parks may be found on the Park People hiking trail page…click here.





Influenza activity continues to increase statewide. 616 flu-associated hospitalizations were reported this week.

According to CDC, during the week of January 7–13, 2018, influenza activity increased in the US.
Ten influenza-associated pediatric deaths were reported nationwide, 30 since October,2017

It’s a severe Flu season in Wisconsin!  If you haven’t had your flu vaccination, there is still time!
Call 414-768-8055 to schedule an appointment.


Visit the Immunization Requirements to check that your child is up to date on school required immunizations.
Contact the Health Department if you have any questions or need assistance obtaining vaccinations.

Vaccines give parents the safe, proven power to protect their children form 14 serious diseases before they turn 2 years old. 

Follow the recommended schedule shown here.
For more information, view vaccine fact sheets.

The South Milwaukee Health Department will provide Tdap vaccinations to anyone needing it for $10.  Children needing other vaccinations may receive them at the Health Department if they are on State Insurance, or uninsured.  Please call 414-768-8055 for more information or to make an appointment.