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When the temperatures rise above 80 degrees,
keep these heat-related health and safety tips in mind.
And keep in mind that when the temps reach the 80’s, don’t overdress your babies!
Dress infants and small children like you dress yourself in the hot weather.  Babies don’t perspire yet so they are susceptible to complications of overheating.




Wisconsin Birds Test Positive For West Nile Virus
Protect yourself against mosquito bites – read more…

Beware of ticks!  This biting insect (technically an arachnid) may carry bacteria that can make you sick. 


Check out these pictures taken by the South Milwaukee Health Department of larval stage ticks a mom brought in that she removed from her children.  She found 11!  They are so small!

This picture is magnified through the microscope eyepiece.  The legs are misplaced due to trauma of capture and saving it.

  The ticks on the children were from simply playing in the back yard. There were no trips to the park or up north.
Check your children! And yourself.

•Parents of next school year 6th graders
– Don’t wait until the last minute to get the REQUIRED “Tdap” vaccination.   

•Parents of next school year 5K students
– Be sure to check the list of required vaccinations and plan to get boosters needed over the summer months. 

Visit the Immunization Requirements to check that your child is up to date on school required immunizations.
Contact the Health Department if you have any questions or need assistance obtaining vaccinations.

Vaccines give parents the safe, proven power to protect their children form 14 serious diseases before they turn 2 years old. 

Follow the recommended schedule shown here.
For more information, view vaccine fact sheets.


The South Milwaukee Health Department will provide Tdap vaccinations to anyone needing it for $10.  Children needing other vaccinations may receive them at the Health Department if they are on State Insurance, or uninsured.  Please call 414-768-8055 for more information or to make an appointment.



 Check out the city map to locate a route in your neighborhood!
Routes attempt to follow sidewalks as much as possible.
Southwest Double Loop – 2.26 mi. (1)
Northwest Block Loop – 2.2 mi. (2)
Northeast Block Loop – 1.86 mi. (3)
Grant Park Hike – 4.54 mi. (4)
Oak Leaf via 15th Avenue – 2.27 mi. (5)
Southeast Lakeview Loop – 1.96 mi. (6)
Hills Challenge Loop – 1.81 mi. (7)
Central Downtown and Library Loop – 2.35 mi. (8)

More hiking options in Grant Park and other County Parks may be found on the Park People hiking trail page…click here.