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Did you know that approximately 80% of homes in South Milwaukee will built prior to 1978?  That means most homes in South Milwaukee could contain lead-based paint, on the inside and/or on the outside of the house. Do you know if your home is a risk for LEAD EXPOSURE?

Here is what to look for:

Peeling, chipping and cracking lead-based paint – children sometimes EAT paint chips because the leaded paint tastes SWEET.  But they also are poisoned from the dust created by the paint chips.  Here is what to do to prevent the lead dust exposure.

Peeling and chipping paint on the exterior of the house or garage.  Lead-based paint can contaminate the soil where children play.  Here is what to do to prevent exposure.

Lead exposure may also occur in water.  Some older homes have lead pipe lines that bring the water to the house.  In general, homes built AFTER 1960 would likely not have lead “laterals” (the pipes that bring water to the house from the main in the street).  Prior to 1960, lead pipes were used but your home may NOT have a lead pipe.  Here is a link for a simple test to find out (note this is a link to the Green Bay Water Utility website).   Learn more about water lines.

PLEASE contact the South Milwaukee Health Department (414-768-8055) if you would like more information about LEAD.  You may also email the Health Department at:

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