Health Department Communicable Diseases

Wisconsin State Law requires the reporting of acute communicable disease to the local health department for confidential investigation. Nursing staff and the Environmental Health Specialist investigate foodborne and waterborne outbreaks in an effort to control disease transmission.  Below are links to required disease reporting, and childhood communicable diseases.



GOOD NEWS!!  So far this year (2018), rates of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in Milwaukee County are DOWN from last year!!
Chlamydia is just over 40 cases less than last year (over 2000 have been reported).
Gonorrhea (over 1000 reported) is down by 10.
Using protection matters!!
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Wisconsin Department of Health Services reminds everyone to prepare and store food safely.  Check these TIPS for safe roasting, baking and storing.

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Most common colds, flu and gastrointestinal viruses (“stomach flu”) may be prevented or minimized by the careful and repetitive act of handwashing.
Handwashing, when done correctly, is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Good hand washing technique is easy to learn and can significantly reduce the spread of infectious diseases among both children and adults.  Read more…

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