Election & Voting Changes Beginning in 2012

Beginning in 2012, voters will see many changes relative to Elections and voting.  Some of these changes include the following:

  • No voter registration can occur on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before an Election; however, voters can still register at the polls on Election Day.
  • The requirement for residing in a municipality prior to an Election has changed from 10 days to 28 consecutive days.
  • Voters can no longer use corroborating witnesses when registering to vote.
  • Voters will need to sign the poll book before receiving a ballot, but are exempt if unable to sign because of a physical disability.
  • Absentee voting in the City Clerk’s office is now restricted to the two weeks before an Election and will end at the close of business the Friday before an Election.  

The goal of the City of South Milwaukee is for all eligible voters to be able to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted.  Detailed information on Election procedures can be found on the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s website.  In addition, you can verify your current voter registration status directly at https://vpa.wi.gov/.